Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Knicker Party

Ever thought the quality of pants in 'Primarni' was ok but regretting spending the pound after day 1? And walking out of M&S lingerie dept because everything is creeping up to high waist when it comes to the matching set?!

Well my friends! What you need is a 'Knicker workshop'!! Get they' hands working on a sewing machine! Awesome giggles and fun to be had!

As part of Rachael's hen party we made pants! Well, gorgeous frilly knickers actually! We had some beautiful fabrics to choose from aswell as ribbons, bows and a funky label!

The wonderful ladies Erika, Delia and Peg were brilliant and kept the group all on task whilst catching up!


  1. Love it! So original! Xxx

  2. Great pics and lovely to hear your feedback.
    Thank you xx